First you should put servee in your environment:

pip install django-servee
pip install django-uni-form

or download and:

./ develop

Then add servee to your installed apps.

At a minimum, you want to install servee.frontendadmin. This is the admin site. You probably also want our wysiwyg tools, and this particular branch runs Redactor. This converts your textareas to wysiwyg areas, and that’s awesome (sometimes):

    "uni_form" # Required

Then syncdb. Servee assumes that you’re using either contrib.staticfiles or django-staticfiles (>=1.1) Make sure that you collectstatic in production.

It’s important to add servee urls, and you probably want to use autodiscover:

from servee import frontendadmin
# ...
url(r"^servee/", include(,

You probably want several other packages as well:

pip install django-servee-redactor
pip install django-servee-uploadify
pip install django-servee-image
pip install django-servee-gallery

Add those to INSTALLED_APPS:

# before servee.wysiwyg, for static files finding