Inlines are a very powerful tool for putting content inside another piece of content. The most comment use-case is to put a small representation of a Model (like an Image) onto your content area.

Included in the example_project is a very simple image insert + model, based on ModelInsert.

Inserts have three primary views:

  • List: A list of available items to be inserted
  • Detail: Shows More information about the item, as well as the button for rendering the insert onto the current content block.
  • Render: Returns a partial HTML template that gets inserted onto the page at the cursor.

Model Inserts also work off of an idea that you can add one by only putting in the required fields For our Image example, the only required field is the image = models.ImageField... field.

We are using uploadify to allow you to add several images to the site at once.

If you don’t specify an add_form when creating your ModelInsert class, it will create one for you based on the required fields.